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I LOVE AMAZING TANS! I have been tanning with amazing tans since their ov location opened! I love it there. I love the girls that work there. They are all friendly. If there is ever a problem (which i have had only once) the owner made sure that it was taken care of right then and there. I only wish that they opened earlier!
I love the Matrix beds! Expensive habit to use the level 4 beds, but so worth it. There is a lay down and stand up option at this location, so I like to alternate between those two, and then some of the level 3 beds to spice it up every once in a while. The staff here is always super friendly, but be prepared to be asked every time you go in if you are “okay on lotion”. They aren’t too pushy about it, and I’m guessing they are getting some sort of commission or something? Or they are made to ask each and every person every time they come? Anywho – love this place! Tiffany P. from Google

Awesome staff! Clean, friendly environment AND GREAT COUPONS!!!! I got a Mystic tan for only $14 bucks and it turned out great with some awesome advice from the girl working! Jessica W. from Yelp

Since there is 5,00000000000 locations, I will just write my review for the Arden location but make it pretty general.
If you have a membership, and you are near the Arden location GO HERE. In my opinion it is the nicest Amazing Tans branch I’ve been to and I have been to pretty much all of them.
I like Amazing Tans—I hate that they have a new membership fee on top of the monthly fee, price for lotions if you choose to get them, googles, etc. Not the best prices BUT you get what you pay for. I go with a Level 3 VIP membership which gets you some pretty powerful, high quality beds, both lay down and stand up options.
I am very satisfied with the beds and my tan. All the staff I have ever dealt with have been very friendly and helpful. Sometimes a bit pushy on buying new lotions—if I have a full bottle of 70 dollar lotion I am not about to ‘try’ a different one. Sorry. I’ll use what I got, then we’ll talk! Kimmie M. from Yelp

Went tanning today and had a beautiful experience! No complaints. Lotions are a little pricey but with a coupon/special it’s fair.
I was helped by Marisa who was thorough and knowledgeable. She recommended Belleza by Designer Skin and I absolutely loved it! Great customer service! Facility was clean and modern. Kelly S. from Yelp

I absolutely love this place!
Last year I signed up with California Sun Centers and that place is lame! mostly because you spend about 20-30 min waiting for a bed during the hours of 3-6pm.
So boy am I happy at Amazing Tans where I can walk right in and flash ‘em my ID and goggles and I’m off to tan! The staff was also very informative on the prices and suggested the best tanning plan for me.
Plus they are always offering 20-50% off deals with the lotions and moisturizers. Who wouldn’t love that? I am also paying about $5 less their and when i want to cancel after my 6 months I don’t have to send a cancellation via certified mail like i did last year with California Sun Center.
Oh and did I mention that they have Cd players so you can play YOUR OWN MUSIC! I love that considering the crap I had to listen to at CSS.
All in all this really has been a great place for me to go relax and get all faked and baked! =) Heather c. from Yelp

CLEAN! Reasonably quick to get in – like that!
Staff is friendly & welcoming! I used to think it “depended on their mood that day” like a few other reviews have mentioned. Now that i’ve been going there for awhile it’s fine!.. maybe i’m used to it?…
Arden way is always busy but you manage.
Anyway, i’m fan! Reccommended! Sailor H. from Yelp

I am a big fan of this place. I used to work at a tanning salon so I know how the prices can be. For $20 a month I get unlimited tanning in the lowest level beds, which are always well maintained. That is an awesome deal. The Arden salon is way nicer than the one I used to go to in Davis and I’ve never had any problems with bitchy staff. Ashley H. from Yelp

I love amazing tan…
Especially at this location the girls were very informative about the tanning salon. i was offered a tour and loved every part of it. I learned about the different kind of beds and also saw how clean this place was. They were really nice in giving me deals on products that I had purchased with my membership. i would recommend if people want to sign up to sign up here.
I like how the beds have radios in them and for $20 a month for unlimited tanning it’s pretty amazing =) Kristinamarie S. from Yelp

I always like coming into this salon because the front desk girls are always so friendly and helpful when it came to picking a tanning package. Ive never had problems with the cleanliness of the salon or the service. I don’t know why people have given this salon bad reviews.. I guess some people just like to complain. Liz C. from Yelp

I tanned here for years and I was always happy with the results. The girls are informative,, the store is clean and orderly. Bulbs are changed at 1/2 life so I never experienced a tan with a burned out bulb. I recently had to move and now have to tan at another salon in Roseville who likes to call themselves a “spa” but they are far from it. Now I am stuck in a contract and see little results. I highly recommend Amazing Tans at any of their locations and I will go back to tan with them as soon as I can. Thumbs up! lisa L. from Yelp

I love Amazing Tans, especially this location. The girls at the counter are always friendly and there is never a wait. I prefer their beds over Cal Sun’s. Kari H. from Yelp

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